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Elements Industries Pte Ltd

Our robust commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to offer accessible recycling services to industrial, commercial, and individual clients. Expertise in metal scrap processing ensures efficient recovery, fostering a circular economy by reusing materials for new products.


We take pride in responsible metal waste management, extending secure electronic equipment disposal and comprehensive electrical solutions. Committed to safety and efficiency, our experienced electricians deliver top-notch services.


Join our journey towards sustainability; we're more than a company—we're your ally in crafting a cleaner, greener future for all.

Since 2008, ELEMENTS INDUSTRIES PTE LTD has championed sustainability, prioritizing waste reduction and natural resource conservation.


Since our establishment in Singapore in 2008, ELEMENTS INDUSTRIES PTE LTD has been on an unwavering mission to promote sustainability and create a better world for all. Our story is one of dedication to reducing waste and conserving precious natural resources.

We strongly believe in environmental responsibility and understand the critical need to preserve our planet for future generations. To that end, we offer a range of recycling services that cater to industrial, commercial, and individual clients, making sustainable practices accessible to all.

Our Story


Our expertise in processing and sorting metal scrap enables the efficient recovery of valuable materials, which are then repurposed for the manufacturing of new products. This not only reduces waste but also supports a circular economy, where materials are used efficiently, time and again. ​ We take pride in offering responsible and cost-effective solutions for metal waste management, contributing to a more sustainable future. But we don't stop at metal recycling. We are equally dedicated to the secure and eco-friendly disposal of electronic equipment (ITAD). Our rigorous data destruction process ensures the complete obliteration of sensitive information, protecting your privacy.

What We Value


Elements Industries Pte Ltd prioritizes safety and security in all aspects of our operations. Our stringent safety protocols ensure a secure working environment, while meticulous handling and processing of materials guarantee the utmost security throughout collection, recycling, and disposal procedures.

Safety & Security


Elements Industries Pte Ltd thrives on transparency, ensuring clarity in all our processes. Our commitment to transparency fosters trust and confidence, guaranteeing clients a clear view of our operations, from recycling services to data destruction, ensuring their peace of mind.



Through efficient metal recycling and secure ITAD practices, we drive circular economies. Our diverse electrical solutions evolve to ensure safety, reliability, and eco-efficiency for a sustainable future.

Growth & Innovation 


Our dedicated team, committed to sustainability, collaborates seamlessly to deliver top-notch electrical solutions and responsible waste management, ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency for all our clients.

Team Work


Our commitment to sustainability, coupled with cost-effective solutions and secure electronic equipment disposal, distinguishes us in the industry.

Business Outreach


With meticulous care, our expert team maximizes the recovery of valuable materials from scrap, ensuring they're repurposed efficiently for a sustainable future.



Our Logo


Introducing our new logo: a symbol of modernization and progression.

As our company evolves, so does our emblem, reflecting a forward-thinking entity that invests in revitalized corporate branding. This fresh icon communicates our readiness to embrace innovation and growth.


Beyond aesthetics, our revamped logo extends an invitation to a younger demographic, inviting them to explore, collaborate, and thrive within our dynamic environment. It signals our openness to expansion, hinting at new opportunities and ventures on the horizon.

Grey represents FerrousMetals

Yellow represents Non-Ferrous/Wire

Green represents Recycling Movement & Batteries/E-Waste

Blue represents Electronics

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