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Recycling for all: sustainable solutions for everyone


We strongly believe in environmental responsibility and understand the critical need to preserve our planet for future generations. To that end, we offer a range of recycling services that cater to industrial, commercial, and individual clients, making sustainable practices accessible to all.

Elements Industries Pte Ltd

Efficiently reclaiming scrap metal for sustainable manufacturing and circular economy principles, reducing waste systematically.

Our Focus Areas


Embark on a sustainable journey with our Collection, Recycling & Disposal services for All Kinds of Scrap Metals. From high-quality Ferrous metals to precious Non-ferrous metals, trust us for meticulous recycling that transforms waste into a valuable resource. Join us in forging a greener future today!

Collection, Recycling & Disposal - All Kinds Scrap Metals 


At the intersection of innovation and sustainability, our comprehensive practices revolve around reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing, or safely disposing of unwanted IT equipment. Meticulously designed, our processes not only ensure data security but also contribute to environmental responsibility. 

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)


From AC (UPS) and DC (SMPS) Power Services to Battery Services and Energy Efficiency Assessment (EEA), our expertise ensures efficient and sustainable solutions for your operational needs, backed by real-time monitoring and insightful reporting.

Electrical Services


Our Load Bank Rental features precise digital control, supporting 1MW parallel connections. The Equipment Test Room Rental offers up to 20 sqm of space, 250A supply current, and expert labor for efficient equipment and battery setup.

FAT/SAT Support


Our services cover the entire lifecycle, from supply and installation to testing, maintenance, and decommissioning. Choose from various UPS options, ensuring uninterrupted power and reliability. Our expertise in UPS Battery Replacement and Maintenance ensures precise and sustainable operations for your data center.

DataCentre Services


Relocation or relinquish of existing facilities? Elements Industries helps you to reinstate your existing Data Center (DC) or IT room to the original conditions. Works includes dismantle, remove and dispose of all DC equipment such as UPS, CRAC, chillers, Fire Suppression System, switch boards, pipes, cable support etc.

DC Reinstatement


One stop professional mover services ensures your heavy equipment are relocated or disposed in the most efficient and timely manner. No worries even if your equipment is on the roof, basement or any level without lift access, Elements Industries will amaze you with our professional workmanship

Mover & Disposal Services


What We Provide 

We xcels in providing diverse project designs. Their expertise spans recycling infrastructure, waste management facilities, electrical systems, data centers, environmental impact assessments, energy efficiency solutions, and equipment relocation plans, all tailored for sustainability and operational efficiency.

Project Design


We offers comprehensive construction management, ensuring seamless execution of projects. Our expertise covers waste management facility construction, electrical infrastructure installation, data center construction, and environmental impact mitigation. We prioritize safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency in every project.

Construction Management


We conducts detailed site evaluations, assessing factors like waste generation, energy needs, and infrastructure requirements. Our expertise ensures tailored solutions for effective waste management, optimized electrical setups, and eco-friendly practices, guaranteeing operational efficiency and sustainability.

Site Evaluation


We offers comprehensive construction services, specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Our expertise covers the development of recycling facilities, electrical infrastructure, and waste management centers, ensuring top-notch construction aligned with environmental responsibility and efficiency.



We specializes in cost-effective modeling for sustainable projects. Their services encompass detailed cost assessments, offering transparent and efficient budgeting models that align with eco-friendly practices, ensuring optimal financial planning for environmentally conscious endeavors.

Cost Modeling


Latest Projects

Silverstone Community Center 


234 Kingsway Road


Smith Park Botanical Gardens




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We Deliver

We offer comprehensive recycling solutions, specializing in metal and electronic waste management, alongside diverse electrical services for commercial and industrial clients, prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

for Workplace Safety & Heath and various ISO quality management system


General Waste Collector

Toxic Industrial Waste Collector

General Waste Facility

Approved licences from National Environment Agency

NEA Licences

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